Monday, 14 March 2011

Quick Shot Answers No.2

It’s time for another round of answers to your Quick Shot Questions. This time the questions include..

My favourite lens for portraits
How to make dreamy water shots
Advice on Macro lens choice
Tips on Auto exposure bracketing


Unknown said...

Great information as always Gavin :) Thumbs up! If you find the radio mic coming over the top of your shirt annoys you, you should be able to scotch tape it to your chest and it *should* still sound the same as long as you have some sort of wind break on it. I'd give it a try before you do a proper video, also obviously depends on how hairy one is as it could get somewhat painful... :) All the best

Gary - Alnilam

Clair Matthews said...

Thanks Gavin, great advice as usual especially about the 1:1 macro lens as that's (hopefully) my next purchase - Is there any macro you particularly recommend?..I have a 450D & can't afford to spend a fortune...

Thanks Clair

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