Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Perfect pure white background - Studio lighting tutorial

As you might have noticed from my previous blog posts, I was invited to test out a very expensive Hasselblad camera a few weeks back. The location was the Hasselblad studios in London and whilst I visiting I couldn't resist recorded a couple of lighting videos.

In this first video I revisited the pure white background tutorial I made several years back. Since that original video I've refined the technique which now contains more accurate and useful information for anyone looking for the perfect white background.


Miguel Angel ROMERO said...

Great tutorial! thanks a lot... :)
I've just one question.... which is the best way to do the same if we dont have the light meter?? usually I use the histogram... but I must to try 2 or 3 times before achive the goal....

Unknown said...

Very nice Gavin. Looks like the model thought you were going to give him a smack when you came up with the light meter! Really like the first photo of the headphones. The camera looks like a serious monster. Something a-kin to the ones used by astronauts!

Unknown said...

as always great video, thanks for Sharing


Rabbani said...

Sir waooooo That's what i all can say .. I m Rabbani Fron Pakistan I love to watch u r tutorial and got lot of knowledge about photography... My Q is how to add and cut the music in proshow VR 3 witch i am using plzzz if you reply me i am very Glad ... your blind std

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