Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Quick Shot Answers

OK, it's time for some more answers to a selection of the hundreds of Quick Shot questions you've sent me. Sadly I can't answer every question I've been sent, so if I missed your question out please don't take it personally.

Name: Kristian L (from Hungary)
Question:: Hi Gavin Hoey! My question is, i have cs4 but i can't find the Extract buton under Filter!!! In old Photoshop i've got it! What can i do?
Answer: Extract is still on the CS4 installation DVD but doesn't install as standard. However if you'd rather not go hunting through the Photoshop DVD John Nack (one of Photoshop's lead product developers) posted links to download the missing tools on his blog. Here's the link. http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2008/10/where_did_extra.html

Name:: Putu A
Question:: Hello Mr. Gavin. My question what is the difference of lens diameters ie.. 58mm for 18-55mm or 67mm or 72mm. Thank you
Answer: Different lenses have different diameters, don’t get to hung up about it. If you use filters with your lenses always buy filters that will fit the largest diameter lens you own. Step up adaptors can be used to attach the big filter to the smaller diameter lenses.

Name:: Monica C.
Question:: Hi! I take lots of pictures during my daughter's soccer game ... (outdoors).. And most of my pictures do come blurry! I do set up my camera in "action mode" and my ISO in "auto".. Any suggestions on how can I improve my pictures?? (I don't use flash at all)
Answer: Blurred images can be caused by either camera blur (everything blurs) or motion blur (subject blurs) To help avoid both work in Shutter Priority mode (Tv on Canon) with a speed of 1/1000th second or as high as you can go. Increase the ISO so you can hit that shutter speed.

Name:: Tony J
Question:: Hi Gavin, Just watched you tutorial on beach/sea shots. Would it not be easier to alter your shutter speed manually to say 5" delay & get the results you needed that way? maybe iso 100, f22, 5" Thank, Tony
Answer: Tony you were one of many people who said the same thing. The answer is simple. THAT WILL NOT WORK.
Sorry to shout but think about it for a second. Shutter speed, aperture and ISO are all linked. Change any one of the settings and at least one of the other settings would also need alter to compensate. Dialling in a longer shutter speed would allow more light into the camera so to compensate I’d need to either make the aperture smaller (f22 was the smallest) of lower the ISO (100 was the lowest).
If you missed the video you can view it here

Name:: Tim A
Question:: Your Question Here: When I set the white balance manual using a white paper after it set can I use flash on my shot will the setting be wrong? Tim A Kentucky 41824
Answer: The white balance applies to the lighting you used when it was ser. So if you lit the paper with your flash you’ll be OK with the flash gun, but if it was lit by room lights the white balance will be wrong for flash. Best answer is to use RAW and adjust the white balance if it looks wrong.

Name:: Chris P
Question:: Hi I have watched your videos and tips on photoshop and found them graet now I have got proshow producer 4 and wanted to know wheres are the best to learn how to use
Answer: Check out the amazingly kind people over at the Proshow enthusiasts forum. http://www.proshowenthusiasts.com/


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