Friday, 16 April 2010

Long exposure technique - Quick Shots 05

UPDATE: The photos from this post are now on Flickr

It’s been a bit of a blog free week for me as I’ve been away with the family for a mid week break by the sea.

We managed to find one of the few places in the UK without a 3G internet connection, so I feel like I’ve been a little cut off from all the excitement that’s been going on around the launch of Photoshop CS5.

Just be for I left a Quick Shot question landed in my inbox from Daniel Roberts who asked a great question. Basically Daniel wanted to some tips and advice on how to get silky smooth water on long exposures.

Fortunately I was planning to take exactly that kind of shot whilst I was away, so I threw my video camera into my camera bag and set off for the coast.


Brian McCray, Boston Ma USA said...

Gavin, great Vid Tut as usual. I would love to see what "tweaks" you make in ACR. After going through the DVD's I purchased from your website, you gave me a whole new aspect of Post Processing.

michel said...

Hi Gavin, nice tutorial. I would just add one more thing. To reduce possible camera shake I find it helps to lock the mirror up before the shot. Most DSLR will allow you to do that. You just have to remember to press the shutter release on your remote control twice ;-)

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Hi Michel, Good advice about mirror lock up, especially if you're using a long lens.

Nirup said...

Hi Gavin,
Nice Work been learning a lot from your tutorials.
I was trying to take some photos in a place were there is less light. e.g. in a church. but was not able to take good pic's. can you please suggest some good setting or is it possible that you can give some tutorials on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gavin,

just discovered your sessions on youtube, great stuff you make it look easy, which of course it isn't.

What software do you use for makeing those videos?


Peter Biesheuvel said...

Thanks for this video. I really am enjoying your video's and articles and am learning a lot from it.

Anonymous said...

wheres the video?

Anonymous said...

"wheres the video?"... It's above the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gav now i know what im going to do this weekend :)

thakriim eusoph said...

am a photography student, ur work is fabulous & it helps for my studies. thnx:)

Maxence said...

So the secret oh this kind of picture is to use a filter to not let the amount of light going through the lens burning the picture and make a white result. Thank you Gavin :)

Thomas said...

A Smashing good Tutorial! I'm going to have some bangers and mash to celebrate!

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