Friday, 9 April 2010

Video - Focus stacking in Photoshop CS4

Yesterday I was giving a talk to the Lee Valley Nature Photographers and demonstrating the finer points of Adobe Camera RAW. But I always like to throw a few curve balls at my audience in my lectures and as I was talking to a group of nature photographer I got the chance to demonstrate a feature of Photoshop CS4 that’s amazingly useful for macro photographers.

It’s called focus stacking and automates the process of combining multiple images and gaining maximum depth of field. If you've not seen focus stacking it in action, then you have to watch this video.


michel said...

Thanks for this Gavin, I've been using CS4 for well over 1 year now and i was not aware of these functions (which makes me wonder how many other such features i'm missing). I will certainly try them out

keep up the good work

Photographer Dale Charles said...

terrific tut! keep 'em coming. Found you through the Mashable feature - nicely done as well

Anonymous said...

cool thing about CS4. I didn't knew that before about CS4 and CS5 is at the door. Very very useful things you teach us, all your followers.

Greetings from Romania!!!

torsten winkler said...

thanks gavin. this is very usefull! :) and you have a very nice voice to listen to. (no, i don't wan't your number ;) )

greetings from germany :)

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