Tuesday, 2 March 2010

New video tutorials – I need your help

Good news! After an extended break, I’m back making weekly video tutorials.

This time the content is going to be a little different. My video tutorials get viewed 1000’s of times a day and that generates lots and lots of questions. So every week I hope to answer as many of those questions as possible.

The new videos will cover either Photoshop (or possibly Lightroom) and Photography. I plan to keep them short, 3-5 minutes and they’ll have a relaxed, casual feel.

So how can you help? Well, there are two things I need.

Name that show.
I want the new videos to have their own identity so I’ve got to come up with a name. Something snappy that sums up the idea in a couple of words. “Ask Gavin” and “Photo Answers” are both taken so what would you suggest?

Here to help
After a quick look through my inbox and YouTube message account I’ve jotted down the first batch of questions. But this project is going to need a steady stream of new questions, so I need more. So if you have a specific issue with Photoshop or Photography let me know.

The kind of questions I’m going to answer should be short and to the point. So a bad question would be “How do I use my camera?” A better question would be “How do I get blurred backgrounds on portraits”

I hope to have the first video online by Friday and it will appear right here on my blog


Anonymous said...

How about "Gavin's Answers"?

Renee said...

thant sounds great ;-)
what do you think about "Gavin's Snapshots"?

michel said...

How about "Photo Chops" ? that would cover both photoshop and photography tips, get your chops up to speed... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Regarding show ideas, how about high-quality noise reduction using photoshop? Or in the phrase of a question for you; "how do I better reduce noise in images?" :P

Anonymous said...

Gavin's photo tip?
Questions .... which light box system is affordable for a amateur photographer? We have 2 girls, and I love photography. What do you think about this. We live in the US, so the website you post, only serve European areas. http://www.amazon.com/CowboyStudio-Photo-Studio-Monolight-Lighting/dp/B001NY1UJM

Keyser Söze said...

Hmmm... I can't think of a good name right now. But I do have a question; how do I get dramatic bokeh in my pictures while keeping the subject in focus?

By the way, I've been putting your lessons to good use and trying to give you credit here and there on my Flickr page:

Erin Johnson said...

Questions: How to take better (or maybe National Geographic style) travel photos... I know Nat Geo has a specific style they look for & wouldn't it awesome if I can home from my trip around the world with magazine shots to sell? Maybe it'd help pay for my trip! :)

As for a name: "Gav's Quick Tips"
"Photoshop is not phooey" (ha- for hooey :) )
"So you want to become a photographer..."
& this one maybe wouldn't work but I thought it was funny... A Quickie from Gavin

Edwardson W. Laohoo said...

"GAVideo" - short videos of your Photography related questions.

Lorenzo said...

Dear Gavin,

I'd very much enjoy a tutorial on panning or other motion-related photography technique.
I also agree with the other blogger asking for tips on how to take better-looking travel photos.

As for the name...what about Gavin's photo pills? :)

Thank you very much for the effort you put into this, it's very much appreciated!

Bartosz said...

Hi Gavin,

thanks for all your hard work.

I would say that probably we all miss some kind of small tutorial how to make from nice but flat picture something extraordinary with the "WOW Factor". I am a big fan of natural photography without Photoshop but to be honest ... who would buy anything from me then ?

So maybe more about popping out colour ? and texture ?

Thanks one more time

Kristen said...

My brain seems to be flat. I can't pump out one good name idea for ya. Sorry. But I do want to join in with everyone else and say thanks so much for all that you put into your tutorials. You are seriously the best Photographer and Photoshop teacher I have ever come across. And your accent makes your voice absolutely lovely to listen to for my North American ears.

nick arora said...

* Shot Talk with Gavin Hoey
* DPhoto Q&A (and I'm your host Gavin Hoey)
* Shooting with Gavin
* Ask a Photo Pro
* Photo Solutions
* Shots and 'Shop

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Wow, what can I say!

Thank you everyone who took the time to post/email a reply, suggestion or message. I'm going to write all the suggestions down and sleep on it. I'll go which ever name is still in my head by the morning.

Thanks again. Gavin

Bart said...

Gavin Hoey's Compendium of Practical Photoshop Hints, Tips and Guidelines.


Gav's Stuff

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Wish I could attend your seminar but too long a trip from Canada. How about " Picture This " ?

franiqueblack said...

How about Gav's Quickie?

Ornorm said...

I thought about "Gavaskin" or "Askin' Gavin"

Mark said...

Thanks Gavin for the time you take to share.
Name suggestion: Photo Shop-Talk
And Question: How do you light and expose for those Fantasy Style Photographs

tns said...

A bit late but how about "Hoey's Hows"

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