Monday, 1 March 2010

Marryoke – Every wedding video should have one of these

I can’t speak for other countries, but here in the UK professional wedding videos are something of a rarity. Over the past few years that I’ve photographed many weddings and every one has been a unique experience. But not once have I worked along side a true professional videographer.

Almost every wedding I’ve attended has had an official video, it’s usually the brides uncle (or other close family member) who lands the job of “video guy”. The responsibility of taking on such an important role must weigh heavy on amateur shoulders. No tape in the camera, flat batteries and filming from the back of the room hoping the microphone will magically pick up perfect audio, are just a few of the pitfalls.

All that changed two days after Christmas when I was photographing my last wedding of 2009.

The bride had informed me at our pre wedding chat, that they had hired a professional “video guy” named Leo from Perfect Day Studios. To be totally honest my first thought was along the lines of… Great! So I’ll end up doing the hard graft whilst the video guy points his camcorder over my shoulder… How wrong was I!

Turns out the videographer, Leo Ferenc, is a true professional with his own unique style and he was more then happy to share his own ideas for shots and poses with me. Of course I have my own shots planned, like the champagne shot you see here and I'm pretty sure that they'll end up adding to the bride & grooms wedding video.

Leo produces something he calls the “marryoke” video, which you really have to watch to appreciate. Whenever there was a pause in the day, Leo had someone (usually the groom) sing a few lines of the song. The editing must have taken hours but the results is truly amazing. All wedding videos should be this fun.

Sadly I can’t embed the video he sent me, but here’s the link or just click on the screen grab. I hope you enjoy a bit of Billy Idol.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Gavin, but for me that's precisely how wedding videos should NOT look.

No probs with quality etc, its the content I can't stand. And I watched a couple of the other Marryoke's as well, as I couldn't believe the first one. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

I appreciate that some will like this style of X-Factor wedding, but you are detsroying the concept and solemnity of the wedding ceremony itself - and I speak as someone who has rarely been inside a church for a purpose other than a wedding.

I have no issues with doing this as a part of the wedding package. That I think is an excellent concept, and can match the couples personalities, but not on the wedding day.

Hope I'm never invited to a wedding like this!

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Anonymous: The bride & groom took the important parts of the day very seriously and I sure that will be reflected in their final full length wedding video.

What Leo did with marryoke was a bit of fun, an extra element, a foil to the solemnity of the rest of the video.

Sorry it's not to your taste.

By the way, I rather doubt any of the guests even noticed. Leo was a true pro and shot his footage without upsetting the flow of the day.

Kristen said...

Gavin, I think it's fun! I sent the link to my husband so he could watch it too. Here in the USA, I haven't seen anyone do something like this. There might be such videographers here but I'm just not aware. Such a video would have been a blast for my husband and his groomsmen to watch of themselves. They would have felt like such big-shots sharing in it!!

I wouldn't want a video like this to be my ONLY wedding video, but it sure would make a nice little asset to the collection of wedding memorabilia.

videographer said...

very well organized wedding and fun is all over the videos. great work

GillR said...

They're great fun and it looks like everyone had a blast.

Here's another from a different source which, I have to admit, is my favourite :)

Leo Ferenc said...

Hi Gavin

Many thanks for the praise Gavin and the feedback from the couple is great. The main part of the "Marryoke" not my invention by the way, was shot in 15 minutes, about an hour before the ceremony. I still produce a 90 minute film of the whole day aswell. It really chills the guy's and takes their minds off the tasks ahead. I hope my style has less impact than other operators who can Hijack the day and really make life hell for the photographers. I agree it's not everyones cup of tea but we have enough dodgy old school videographers out there who are not enjoying the wonderful potential of the digital age we live in.
I film and edit around 80 films a year and my staff another 50. So the demand is there.

We are also using 5D MKII's with Steadicams to get some great shots.

I also film the interviews and behind the scenes footage for Channel 4's Live From Abbey Road:

I have recommended you for some stills work Gavin.

Best Leo

ceddy2000 said...

I love his style.Finnaly the groom got some props on a day that is mostly thouht for the bride,its there day too.I wish I had some fun on my wedding day and had something to show for it.


Gary S. said...

I am also a wedding Videographer and sadly, as you pointed out, most people don't think we are important and are just another unnecessary expense that can be taken care of by some family member with a handycam.

Because of this when we do get a job the prices we charge are never anywhere near what photographers are charging, when we have to put in weeks more work than photographers do.

We like to hide more in the background and film the wedding day that the bride and groom don't see for them to enjoy at a later date, but if we can prize the couple out of the photographers hands for 30 minutes :P We normally like to take them to the castles gardens or as near as we can get to it at their location for some romantic montage stuff.

Sadly even many "professional" videographers are still plebs. Some of the footage we have been sent from these "pro's" who charge for the service is shocking, no dedicated radio mics, no lighting, and more often than not just filmed with 1 camera.

But what can you do. You get what you pay for.


Wedding Photographer French Riviera said...


Hmmm, no.

Technically excellent video, but where's the bride? To me it really seems like this was about the boy's night out and not about a wedding. There barely is any footage of the couple. An interesting showcase, but not my cup of tea.


Dean0 said...

It looks like a lot of fun and I'm sure it does relax everyone involved. However, my first thought when I heard the music was of a pregnant bride, and a groom being forced down the aisle by her father

"Hey little sister what have you done?"
"Hey little sister, shotgun"

Great site Gavin btw.

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