Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Your text is on fire - video tutorial

Burning text effects are big news in the media and advertising worlds. You're probably seen the effect before and wondered how it's done. Well it's not to difficult but only if you have some decent images to work with.

Let's start with the texture. From the 100's of textures I've got of file, very few gave the right effect. So exclusively for the readers of my blog here is my texture image as used in the tutorial.

Click the image to open the full sized version.

The second image is a touch more tricky. First, don't try photographing this at home kids, you might end up with burn or worst a burnt camera!!!

Of course there are ways of faking fire in photoshop, but you just can't beat a proper fire photo.

Once again, click the image for the full sized version.

As always, your free to use the images for personal use, but don't pass them on and sorry, no commercial use without written permission. Enjoy.

By the way this video was made for a photoshop competition run by the NAPP entitled "So you think you can teach Photoshop". Unfortunately I didn't win, in fact I didn't even get a runners up spot. So, if you would like to watch some videos from people who apparently can teach Photoshop have a look at some of the other videos entried.


Emily said...

I just wanted to thank you for putting all this together (the videos, the blogs, etc). I've learned so much from you, from techniques, to tips, to new perspectives. You sincerely have changed the way I practice photography... and in the best way possible!

It's truly a shame you didn't place in the competition- you really do deserve to! And honestly, I've seen quite a fair share of videos of people teaching Photoshop and I really have found that your videos ended up teaching me the most (from the way you teach, to the way you explain things, the examples you give, etc). So in short, I just wanted to thank you for all the time that you put in to all of this! And keep entering those competitions because there's no doubt you'll win soon enough :)

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Thanks for the kind words of support Emily. They echo many of the emails that I receive from people who have also found my tutorials helpful. That's the reason I keep making them.

Anonymous said...

You should have received recognition for your awesome instructional tutorials!!! I am new to your tutorials and out of everyone on the net, I find yours to be the most user friendly (plus, I LOVE the accent!!). I have taken many notes while watching your tutorial and plan to purchase your DVD's. Thanks! Tamara in the USA

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