Thursday, 1 October 2009

How to create amazing photos with water and a bottle - week72

This week I managed to get some time in the studio and if you're a lover of the Strobist style of flash photography I've got a real treat for in store for you.

The thing that really amazed me about the photos produced during the filming of this video was how simple the set up was compared to the quality of the results it produced. It really is as simple as it looks. Of course, there was a very small amount of Photoshop post processing involved, but less then you think. I'll write a blog post about the technique next week, time permitting.

The key bit of kit for this techniue is the PT-04 wireless off camera flash trigger. I picked mine up from ebay for about £20. It's had a lot of use over the past 12 months and has become a "must have" piece of kit in my camera bag.

Regular viewers of my videos will notice a few improvements this week The biggest thing you will notice is the smart white background made possible by video lighting from


Yvette said...

Loving your videos every few days Gav. Haven't got a clue what your talking about of course, but you do make me laugh! Keep up the great work.XX

Chris said...

Another inspired video. Thanks Gavin.

discus said...

thanks gavin

Steven. said...

Great Tutorial Gavin. Love the idea. I recently bought a 40d myself and am looking into buying a wireless trigger but want one that will work as just a shutter release as well as a flash trigger. Would these babies work?

тттт said...

Gevin - i like your tutorials and a was you show how to make a "hard looking" thing very simple !!
thank you ...i'll keep reading your blog

Anonymous said...

Great vid. Thanks!

@Steven: Have a search for Yongnuo RF-602 wireless triggers. I got mine from DealExtreme for my 40D, cheap and they work a treat!

WL said...

Thanks a lot, Gav, for making this technique available for all of us! Pics look great!

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