Thursday, 8 October 2009

Custom Clouds Brush

Anyone who owns a copy of my Training DVD Beyond the Basics will know that I really enjoy making my own custom paint brushes.

In fact I believe that the Brush tool has been overlooked by many photographers and its potential power has been underplayed by other Photoshop experts. So in an effort to redress the balance this week’s video shows you a quick and simple way of turning a cloud into a custom brush. It's something I've done many times before as you never know when you need to add a small cloud in your photo.


Natalie Jorge said...


antonio mercurio said...

This is very very nice!

thank you


discus said...

i like this one gavin. thanks a lot.

Kristen said...

Gavin, you are a Photoshop genius! I have had so much fun learning from you. Your tutorials and explanations are so easy to follow and understand. Thank you for being so kind and generous to share your passion.

Gary said...

Nice one, never knew you could do this. Don't suppose you would consider letting us share that cloud photo to have a practice on would you.
Great work, love your tips and tricks, learning so much from you - thank you


Tova said...

Thank you. You make everything simple and easy to learn.

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