Wednesday, 19 August 2009

How to enhance texture in RAW photos - Week 66

Following on from the previous video I had a large number of emails asking did the final photos have any post processing and if so what did I do.

Firstly ALL the images in the video had some photoshop applied, but to be honest every picture I take has a touch of photoshop applied. I'm not alone here. I know of Very few photographers who press the shutter and print the results. Cropping, Levels and sharpening are all par for the course.

In this case the work was limited to a few tweaks in Adobe Camera RAW and the total time to work through all the images was around 30 minutes.

So what's my secret? The answer is RAW Presets. As you'll see towards the end of the video. If I find a good RAW technique I'll turn it into a preset. That way I can process and image in click of a button.

If you've never used RAW before (and if you camera has it) may be this video will convince you to see the light.


Miguel Angel ROMERO said...

Hey! Thank you very much, I did it.

Barbara said...

thank you, I always shoot in Raw but have never done a preset. I ill give it a try now. Thanks again.

Sean said...

Thanks Gavin. The takeaway for me from this was to be less cautious with those sliders in ACR. I've tended to be too gentle in applying adjustments and was amazed to see you hitting 100% on contrast.

Larry said...

I just found your website and youtube videos today and man your workflows with RAW are great Thanks for the tips.

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Whack those sliders around. If you like the result, it's all OK.

I'm glad you found me. I hope you keep watching.

Steven. said...

Hi Gavin,

Brilliant Tutorial! I didnt even know that you could have a preset in RAW! I've been missing out! Thanks again!


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