Wednesday, 12 August 2009

15 minute Photo Challange - Balcombe Viaduct - Week 65

One location, One lens and only 15 minutes to take the photos. Find out what digital photography expert Gavin Hoey found to photograph in this video

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Miguel Angel ROMERO said...

Really nice pics and great Pshop post-processing :)
I really like this one:

I want to send congratulations to your daughter ... she've a lot of patient :)

Robert said...

15 Minute Photo Challenge is a great idea. I learn so much from it. Thank you for inspiration and hope you will continue :)

zano :) said...

Wow!! I have discovered you today, and you really impressed me with this challenge. You got a new fan. Congratulation for your website!!

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Hi Zano.

Thanls for the comment. I hope you enjoy the rest of my videos.

anand said...

Hey Gavin, you are marvellous man!! I just discovered your work and your videos and you are absolutely great...!! Fantastic work and please keep it up, you just earned a serious fan in me today.

Filipe said...

Hi, your pictures are amazing! Congratulations!
You have a fan in Brazil.
Filipe from Rio de Janeiro - BR

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Hoey, congratulations for all your photos and videos.
How did you get that saturated blue sky behind the corn?

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