Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Out of bounds effect made simple - Photoshop

It’s high time I made another Photoshop video tutorial. After a few minutes scratching my head thinking what I should do, I took a quick look back through your Quick Shot Questions. One Photoshop question kept coming up which was this… “How did you make that pop up image at the end of the abstract background tutorial?”

The technique is known as out of bounds and as the name suggests the idea is to make part of the image poke out from the frame.

Despite appearances the technique is fairly straight forward when it’s broken down into a few simple steps as you’ll see in this video.


Szabi said...

Nice work Gavin,...,as always :).I like you're Ps tutorials, even if I'm not a PS addict.I never wrote on you're blog, but I follow it daily :)
Keep up the good work!
Greetings from Transylvania!

Unknown said...

Brilliant tutorial.
Thank you once again.

As always you have provided a wonderful doorway for me to explore new things with my photography. :D

Yeager said...

Just wonderful. Thank You.

Unknown said...


A friend showed me how to do out of bounds effects a couple of years ago, but their method seemed so complex that I never used it.

Thank you for clearing up the mystery.

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