Thursday, 11 November 2010

Testing the BlackRapid strap by climbing 463 steps

If you've been watching some of my recent photography tutorials then you might have noticed that I'm not using a standard strap that came with my camera. A lot of people have asked me two questions, is that strap any good and and why switch from the camera makers strap? So I though I’d make a little video to show you.

Lets start with why I’m not using a Canon camera strap. Well because the stap that comes with my camera I find to be very uncomfortable when worn round the neck so I end up putting it over my shoulder. 30 seconds later it slips off. So I take it off my shoulder and it ends up dangling in front of the lens. Then there’s the whole “advertising a camera brand” thing to consider. Do I really want to be a walking advert for Canon or any other camera brand for that matter?

However everything changed earlier this year, when I got my hands on the RS-7 from Black Rapid.

From lots of real world use I already know it's safe and comfortable on a standard days photography, but what if I treated it to a little more energetic use? How good would it feel after a 20 minute climb to the top of the Cathedral in Florence? That's what you'll see in this video.

So how did the RS-7 strap perform? Pretty well is the answer. As I expected it bounced around a bit on the climb, but resting my hand on the camera solved that. Because of the design of the strap both the camera and lens are pointing down so you’re not rubbing the LCD against your clothes.

In term of comfort it was a joy to use. Despite the energetic climb I really didn't have any problems with the strap rubbing or slipping off my shoulder. Bothe the camera and lens reached the top (and back down) with out a scratch.

So would I recommend one? On the whole yes. If you're spending the day walking around then the RS-7 is unbeatable for comfort and security. If you're into action sports where you're running, jumping bouncing etc, then look out for the sports version of this strap (coming soon I understand)

Rating 4.5/5


Steve Kalman said...

I tend to hike a lot and carry a backpack. I tried the R-Strap, and really liked it alone, but not at all when wearing the pack.

I use a ThinkTank setup (cross straps over shoulders to gear belt, camera hangs from straps) and then the pack over it without problem.

Rikki D. Dy-Liacco said...

I've been thinking about picking up one of these. I think this might just be the testimonial I've been looking for! Thanks mate!


Unknown said...

Gavin....I recently purchased the Sun Sniper strap which is similar to the one you use. Best investment purchase for my camera. It's comfortable to wear and fast to pull the camera up and shoot.

Unknown said...

Nice video Gavin. Don't fancy making that trek in real life. Pretty sure I have clambered up that Cathedral during playing Assassins Creed though!

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Gray: Never played the game, but I'm told it is the same place.

If you get the chance go. No assassins to kill, only breathtaking views.

Simon Watson said...

Hi Gavin, thanks for the great advice and video - having watched a load of your YouTube films I know you know what you are talking about, so I've just ordered myself one!

Hope to book a training session with you soon.

Chris Hitchcock said...

Hi Gavin
On your recommendation I have just ordered one of these from

Your reputation (and judgement) is on the line:)

Unknown said...

I own one and it's great. I use it with d7000 and 70-300(somewhat heavy combo) and it holds everything in place very well. Been thinking about adding the armpit strap to really secure it

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