Monday, 29 November 2010

Frost patterns on glass.

I’ve got to be honest, winter isn’t my favourite season. Give me spring and summer all year round and I’d very happy. Scraping the ice off the car windows is a daily chore and one which I usually do as fast as possible… but not today.

No, today I decided to embrace winter rather then hide from it. So out comes the camera and the macro lens. On goes the gloves and in to the car we go for some close up macro frost photography.

The set up is pretty straight forward. As well as my Canon 40D and Canon 60mm EF-S macro lens I used my Manfrotto tripod to get rock steady shots. The aperture was stopped down to f/16 for good depth of field. Car windows are often slightly bowed so shooting at the smaller aperture ensured good focus was maintained across the whole image.
To really keep the images tack sharp the shutter was tripped using the cameras two second self timer, but that's not all. I also used the mirror lock up function to ensure super sharp results. All images were shot in RAW, but what else would you expect!

For the record this is my car window... Remember great shots are all around you.


Kimberly said...

I like the second photo the most.. I am wondering how the hell you set up a tripod IN your car.. since most cars aren't that big ghehe

Gavin Hoey Training said...

It was a bit of a squeeze. I imagine the neighbours thinks I'm nuts!

Jester68 said...

Excellent work as usual Gavin one to keep in mind. said...

So it was well worth it, showing up late today. :)

Nickolaus Cave said...

Awesome! The top photo almost looks like a heart shape. Very nice.

Carolyn™ said...

No chance of ever taking snow here but I loved the photos.

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