Friday, 6 August 2010

Where’s Wally (Waldo) – Photo homage

If you’ve ever read any of the Where’s Wally, or Waldo as he’s known in the United States, then you’ll already know this game. For everyone else, here’s how it works.

Here’s a slice of British life captured. It’s a very high resolution image (around 50 million pixels) that contains lots of interesting detail. All you have to do is find it.

Can you find…
  1. The boy up to his neck in sand
  2. The amazing floating spade
  3. The only man looking at the camera
  4. The happy little dog
  5. The Guitar on the beach
  6. The Union Jack Bag

To stand any chance of spotting these things you’ll need the high res file (roughly 6mb). Either click the main image or click here.

The image is copyright Gavin Hoey Photography 2010. Do not publish/print/pass on without permission.


Ionut Petianu said...

so far i have spotted 4 out o six, still looking for the bag and the dog.

Ionut Petianu said...

I foud the dog, looking for the damn bag.. UFF THIS IS HARD WORK.

Unknown said...

Driving me mad! Thanks a lot Gavin!!!!
PS Great photo. How did you do it?

Unknown said...

Got em all :-D

Shawn Coates said...

There are actually 2 kids up to their neck in sand :) but i only need to find the dog and the bag now

Pablo Jeffs Munizaga said...

amazing and funni

Rhett said...

If I were to guess this panorama was taken left to right? Man at far left dressed in dark clothes walking toward camera is also at far right walking away. At the beginning of the sequence he is holding something up in both hands - at far right he has it down by his side.

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