Wednesday, 2 June 2010

More quick shot answers

Name:: Andrey
Question:: Hi, Gavin. Why I do not see "snapshot" icon next to "presets" icon? Camera raw 5.0
ANSWER: You don’t say what software you’re using, but if it’s Photoshop Elements then Presets and Snapshots are not available.

Name:: Alan Turrell
Question:: I am due to take some pictures at a comfirmation of a friend of mine, with permission. I have a Nikon D5000 + 18-55 kit lens and will not be able to use a tripod, so shooting hand held. It is a fairly bright church so not sure what settings to use
ANSWER: Three things to do. First set your camera to Aperture priority and choose the smallest number you can get. That’s likely to be f3.5 or f5.6. Second set the ISO as high as possible, which is likely to be 1600iso. Third shoot in RAW (or Jpeg & RAW) to give you maximum options in Photoshop.

Name:: michael leighton
Question:: Ahoey there...seeing as the sun is out(some of the time)whats the best way to take photos of a subject and getting sun flare in the shot i either get the subject too bright or too dark...cheers
ANSWER: That’s asking a lot of your camera meter, but two ways spring to mind. First involves taking several images using exposure bracketing to ensure you have one correct. The second, and my prefered method of working, is to exposure for the background and use a burst of flash to fill the shadows, just like I did in this photo.

Name:: Patrick
Question:: Hi Gav, I'd like to know how to use an UV-Filter effectively, particular in which conditions?
ANSWER: On our modern, expensive lens the UV filter is really there to protect the front lens from dirt and scratches. Mine never comes off my lenses.

David Fromming
Question:: I was wondering if you have any advice for building a wooden shed/studio in my back garden. My garage is too small and full of junk!
ANSWER: My office/studio is a very comfortable log cabin from Scandinavian log cabins Direct. As you'll see in the construction photo it's not a graden shed.Scandinavian log cabins direct were brilliant, even allowing me to design a photography friendly version of their Talbo design.

Name:: Erin K
Question:: Could you please explain how to calculate the correct settings for your flash/strobe when using off camera flash techniques?
ANSWER: A flash meter would solve your problems in a stroke. If you don’t have one set your shutter speed to the flash sync speed or just below (Use 1/125th if you don’t know what the sync speed is) and set the aperture to f8. Take a test shot and check the histogram. To dark? Try f5.6. It’s called trial & error.


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