Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Photo beach teach - New DVD

It’s been a while since I’ve released a new DVD so I’m very happy to announce that the newest Gavtrain DVD is finally available.

Follow this link for full details. You;ll be able to watch three sample videos from the DVD and better still I'd be very pleased if you buy a copy.

This DVD is a very slight departure from my previous offerings. Yes there’s still plenty of Photoshop tutorials of course but there’s also three live action photography videos. Two of the videos you may have seen short version of before. They are the long exposure technique and the beach 15 minute challenge, but there’s also a brand new unseen video where you’ll discover a secret passion of mine, stacking stones.

I’m constantly asked how I make my images look the way they do, well watch the DVD tutorials and you’ll find out.

As always I go to great lengths to ensure the DVD is compatible with both Windows and MAC computers and with every version of Photoshop from CS3 onwards. I even have two versions of one tutorial so CS3 and CS4 users both get a complete insight into how I work.

Free prize draw

Anyone who buys the Photo Beach Teach DVD before 30th June 2010 will be entered into a prize draw to win a limited edition, signed copy of my favourite picture from the DVD. There are three prints up for grabs and the only way to get one is by being in the prize draw.

Don't worry if you've already bought a copy of Photo Beach Teach, you've already been entered. Good Luck.


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