Friday, 2 April 2010

This way for answers

Sorry, there’s no video this week. Two factors have conspired against me. First I’ve been very busy, which is fantastic for me but not good for your video. Second, I had planned to get out and shoot a couple of photography Quick Shots, but the weather has been wet and windy most of the week.

So this is a good chance to answer some more of your Quick Shot questions which I can’t quite make into a video.

Name:: shery
Question:: How one could create zoomin or zoomout effect in phttoshop
Answer: Copy the layer and apply Radial Blur. Then mask (or erase) away the centre. This video from the achieves should help.

Name:: Mattias M***
Question:: Here is a question from Sweden:
I often end up in photography situations where the light is mixed from different sources. For example, both day light and fluorescent light in the same picture. That gives me problem with white balancing. Any ideas on how to fix that?
Answer: The simple answer is shot in RAW and adjust the white balance back at base. When looking at the final image get the white balance right for the main subject even if that means getting wrong on something else.

Name:: Wilson
Question:: Can you make more 15minits photo challenge?
Answer: Yes, as soon as it stop raining!

Name:: Mahmud
Question:: How some wild photographs are taken where the sun looks so much bigger but subject in front it seems to be in usual shape?
Answer: Assuming it wasn’t done in Photoshop the technique is to use a really long telephoto lens and carefully arrange the subject to be in front of it.

Name:: Steve J***
Question:: Hi Gavin,
I would like to make a clock face with just the 4 numerals on it 12,3,6,9 on a 210mm diameter circle that I can then move around on any picture to form the clock face.
I would also like to mark the centre to pierce later.I can do it as a one off but not so that it is repeatable.
Answer: If you already know how to do it, make it into an ACTION in Photoshop. That way whenever you feel the need to make a new clock face you can just play the action and it’s done!

Name:: Timmy
Question:: Hi sir good day! Could you make a tutorial about slices. Thanks in advance
Answer: I’m not planning one, but here’s a handy tip for anyone who accidently turns on slices and gets that annoying number in the top left corner of every image. Go to View – Show and untick Slices.

Name:: david d***
Question:: hi gavin could you plz help me a i trying to take photo of the full moon what would be the best setting on my nikon d50 70mm 300mm all the best
Answer: Go somewhere really dark (away from city lights). Next get your camera on a decent Tripod. I would use ISO 100, Aperture Priority mode set to f8. Take a test shot and review. Adjust the exposure compensation as required. Use a cable release or self timer to trigger the shutter.

Name:: Mark H***
Question:: Gavin, Aside from the additional cost, am I better off with proshow producer than proshow gold. I'm doing advanced intermeadiate level stuff, but will not be using it for business purposes.
Answer: Proshow Producer is the best. It’s got some advanced features which you can learn and grow with. More over, it allows you to customise the loading screen with your business details and graphics for a more professional look.


Unknown said...

Sorry to but in but in reference to taking the picture of the moon, its more difficult than that!
I am actually speaking from experience, what you will find is that the longer the exposure, the more blurred the moon is.
This isn't due to the photographer but how the earth spins. We don't notice it but the moon is always moving (its actually earth spinning not the other way around!)
To take a picture of the moon, you need a telescope that will follow the moon as it were such as a Meade which will follow the moon whilst it moves. You can hook your camera on to it and shoot to your hearts content and get clear images every time!

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Hi Shafiq. Thanks for posting a comment.

You are quite right, the moon will move. But at iso100 and f8, the full moon should give you a shutter speed of 1/125th. No chance of motion blur there, especially with the 70-300mm lens that the photographer is using.

If you're planning to shoot the moon via a telescope (not part of the orginal question) then you would be in need of some sort of motion tracking device.


Anonymous said...

´First I love your work ! You are so good and you have help me many times.
But i really want to know is how to do HDR in only Photoshop
and how to do Panorama in only Photoshop
i am around the internet and trying to find how
if i find i dont understand them or what they say.

You rock :)
/ amanda

Anonymous said...

Hello Gavin.

First of all, I would like to say that your tutorials have been of great help to me in improving my photoshop skills.

I have a question concerning photoshop. You see I am trying to edit this drawing for my friend, and it's a plain lineart with no shadings whatsoever. Before I can actually start editing it I was thinking of a way to darken the picture as a whole...I tried adjusting the Levels but all it does is darken the lineart. What I want is the whole picture itself to darken, something like a dark cloud effect, but I just can't seem to get it right. Do you have any tips for me?

Much appreciated,

Dens :D

Gavin Hoey Training said...

Dens, try Brightness/Contrast with Use Legacy ticked.


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