Thursday, 11 March 2010

Photoshop on my phone

The “must have” gadget of 2009 was the iPhone. This little wonder of modern technology seems to have found it’s way into many photographers pockets and has changed how and when we communicate, email and text. So common has the iPhone become that many companies seems to be of the opinion that everyone has an iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad).

So hats off to Adobe who have just released an update to Photoshop Mobile for my smart phone which is powered by Android. Even more impressive Photoshop Mobile is 100% FREE.

I downloaded the original Photoshop Mobile when it was released at the end of last year. 24 hours later I deleted it from my phone. Why? Because it was far to basic with just blur, crop, exposure and toning available.

Now Adobe have released an update which adds brightness and contrast plus a handful of effects. It’s a small step forward, but as someone who loves a bit of contrast in my images it makes the world of difference.

So before anyone jumps on me, I know the iPhone version has this and a bit more, but as a non iPhone user it’s nice when a company puts some real effort into a free Android app.

Well done Adobe

By the way Photoshop Mobile is also available for iPhone and Windows Mobile users


Álvaro Sánchez [] said...

I use PicSay Pro and although it is not a free app, it has many many effects and tools to edit any photography. I was talking with its creator, Eric, and he improved a lot the app including my comments. PicSay Pro have more tools than Photoshop Mobile (I also have it), not only for touching contrast, brightness, but exposure, color temperature, vignetting, softness, sharpness, and many more, add borders, funny drawings... I think it's worth having it for its value for money. ;-)

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