Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Me, me, me.

Don't be fooled by the title, this it's one of those "I'm better then you" blog posts. Instead it's an answer to a question from a message I received from a blog reader (yes, I do read EVERY email and message you send).

The question went something like this... I want to take a self portrait like one I've seen somewhere on the internet.

Ok so far, surfing the web is a great way to get ideas and inspiration. The image I was directed to was an excellent image which featured a guy on a skateboard, but unusually it looked like the guy has skating with half a dozen identical twins.

As I can't skate, here's my interpretation of the image.

You can see abigger version on my Flickr page

So how's it done, your asking? Well here's your answer, complete with live action video showing all the studio work and that's followed by the complete Photoshop technique.



Stefano said...

You, you, you: always great.

PietpSch said...

that was a welcome tuto!

Kristen said...

Allow me to echo:

You, you, you: always great!

This inspires a new idea within me on how to capture my daughter's new found ability in pushing herself into a sitting position.


Tova said...

love your tutorials, thank you!

Kitty said...

Another great tutorial - thanks!

Luis Santos said...

good stuff, thanks for sharing!

Mike Scott said...

I can hardly wait to do one of myself. Cool Tut!

Anonymous said...

Gavin, I hope you someday go full-time with your blog!

Barbara said...

I have seen this type of self portriat and wondered how it was done, thanks for the tut.

discus said...

nice gavin. cool video. thanks for tutorial ;)

Roland said...

Hi, I created one like this about 8 years ago, still today i get alot of feedback when someone sees it. seeing you recreate your version takes me back :)

you can see mine by clicking my name for some reason you cant post as a photo here :(

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