Monday, 23 November 2009

Product Photography & bonus video

Regular blog readers will be aware that I produce training videos for a few photographic companies. One of my regular gigs is with who are a UK based independent distributor of studio equipment.

A few weeks ago I visited their warehouse which is an Aladdin’s cave of studio goodies. The best thing for me was being able to actually see many of the items I have on my wish list at first hand. That's also purpose of making the videos; you get to see the kit being used for real photography.

This week I got my hands on the tabletop lighting kit which is geared towards product photography. The lights are of the “continuous” variety rather then the flash lights I’m more used to. For anyone who remembers the days when continuous lighting meant hot lights, these new low voltage bulbs are amazing. Firstly they're cool to the touch, but they also use far less power. For example the 105w bulbs I was using pumps out 500w of light, which is amazingly bright.

You can see the live action at the end of this post, but because this blog is all about training, here's a bonus video. After you've taken your product photo you may need to extend the background. I that happens here's a quick Photoshop technique which can help.

So here's the live action video. As well as going over the equipment, I also provide a whole bunch of photographic advice on photographing against a white background. The same advice applies to portrait photographers as well as product photographer. Enjoy.



vexy said...

Love your blog and all your amazing tips; it's really great that you'll share all your knowledge with us. You've teached me a lot and I'm so grateful for that.

Best regards from Veronica in Sweden.

Barbara said...

Thank you on the tutorials, I have seen how to stretch a canvas before but your tutorials are always so easy. I love your blog also especially your 15 min. shoots, thank you for having a great place to learn.

ke said...


I like your photoshop and photography tutorials so much! Simple and clear! Gary pong started his business with his plastic bowls.Others started their business selling DIY lighting kits on Ebay. I think you will be will be very succesful in marketing your own created CD as well, because nowadays more and more people start doing photography and they really need a great mentor like you.

Ramon said...

Amazing, simple and inviting to do it at home. I love your blog and your videos as I learn about photography and at the same time I practise my English as your pronounciation is very good. You're not from the north of England, are you? Regards from Spain and never leave us.

Mark said...

Hey Gavin........Love all your tutorials. I've learned alot of different tricks... With this product tutorial can you show how to get the same result with speedlights and umbrellas. My wife is starting her own business and I need to shoot her products. Any little bit will help.
Mark from O.C. California.

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