Thursday, 15 October 2009

Folded paper effect in Photoshop - Week 74

Here a really quick and fun technique. Using only the most basic tools like selections and gradients, it's possible to make almost any image look like it's been folded and then unfolded.

If you like this technique and wish to go further, have a look at the work of Corey Barker over at I adapted and simplified some of his ideas to make this tutorial.


Wauthier said...

As usual Gavin. Well done! Thanks for your knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Well done Gavin.
Perth Western Australia.

DoC said...

My god Gavin.
Thanks a bunchfor your tutorials, they have helped me alot.

From a total beginner, to a happy photshopper in just a cuple of weeks.

I have an inquiry, do you have any knowledge in how to make popart styled pictures?
Just like Andy Warhols famous art or even better like Roy Lichtenstein. Or perhaps both?

Well, thanks from a swedish happy-camper. ;)

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