Wednesday, 9 September 2009

How to make a 3D film strip - Video Tutorial

A funny thing happened to me recently. I was at a photography workshop with a group of other photographers and as usual everyone was happily snapping away with their cameras. All of a sudden and quite out of the blue, I heard a surprising sound. It's a noise I haven't heard for years and one that bought back so many memories.

So what was the mystery noise? It was the sound of a camera rewinding a roll of film.

And so on to this week’s video. Keeping with the film theme, this week I'm going to show you how to make a film strip from scratch and then give the whole thing a 3D twist.

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Ron Davis said...

Great video, learned a lot. Yet another reason to shoot more horizontal images.


Anonymous said...

Great video,great ideas,and you are Great.Thanks a lot for giving me the chance to learn about photography and photoshop.
Stratos Mamakos

antwerpenR said...

Fantastic stuff - thanks for sharing this and the other videos. They are GREAT.

John R said...

Any idea how I could mimic the Transform Warp feature in Elements?

Balu said...

Thanks alot for teaching photoshop online. I like this effect very much and I'm trying simultaneously watching the video but I didnt have Warp Transform in my photoshop 8. What can I do now ? Plz reply.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan now :)
You have fantastic ideas, you have a very pleasant nature and your tutorials are easy to follow. Great work Gavin!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! THANKS!!!

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