Thursday, 24 September 2009

How make a painted grunge border with Photoshop - Week 71

In this weeks video I get the chance to do some painting AND Phototoshop. I can't claim to have any painting skills as such, but for this technique that's probably an advantage.

What I'm creating is commonly called a grunge border. If the grunge style of photography and Photoshop has passed you by, here's a link to one of the many grunge pools from Flickr.


Anonymous said...

allways great to learn something new. thanks!

Allan Jackson said...

Hi Gavin. I recently discovered your site after first seeing your stuff in Digital Photo. I'm enjoying and learning from your posts, thank you.
I wonder whether if you ever have (or would consider)giving some insight into how you set about doing a Photoshop video tutorial; the program you use for screen capture with zoom, editing and preparing for YouTube.
Thanks again

Unknown said...

great as always. thanks for the inspiration

carlos guerra said...

thanks it is verrrry nice of you. from houston texas.
all your post are 100% exelent

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