Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Smoke Photography made simple - week 62

Smoke has a hidden beauty that can only be unlocked with the help of photography.

In this video photography expert Gavin Hoey demonstrates a simple but effective set up using off camera flash (strobist technique).


Karl Filip K said...

a little tip with big result.. thanks man!

kebmo said...

thanks a lot :-)

Alesa Dam said...

Great instructions. I followed them to the letter, with one exception: I was unable to use autofocus. I had to switch to manual focus.
I took almost 300 pictures to end up with a couple of good ones. That part was left out of the howto :)


Damon said...

Thanks a million for the tips

Shankar said...


Awesome blog. Great tips. I tried your setup for the smoke shots, but forgot about the baffles & ended up with light spill.. Still happy about the results..

I ended up with a very strange picture, where I see 2 faces .. see here

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