Friday, 27 August 2010

Op/Tech Rainsleeve - Video Review

I really hate the rain and just lately we’ve had more then our fair share of wet weather. Obviously getting rain on your camera isn’t going to be a good thing and is best avoided where ever possible, but a rainy day doesn’t have to be a photography free day.

This image was taken in the rain using a Canon 40D. Good as the 40D is, it makes no claims to be weather proof, so I use a rain cover to keep the water out.

Rain covers range from the quick DIY solution of a plastic bag over your camera, right through to a fitted rain jacket with arm holes and thermal linings. It’s all about need. If you’re a happy snapper then the plastic bag is OK, but if your job is photographing golf matches then you'll want the expensive pro stuff so you can keep working whatever the weather.

I’m somewhere in between. There are times when I need to keep shooting in wet weather, but most of the time I can wait it out. That’s why I always carry a Rainsleeve from Op/Tech in my kit bag.

These things are so cheap (around £6 for two) that I bin them when they’ve been used. They also tiny when folded so take up next to no room in my bag.

The bad news is getting the Rainsleeve to fit on your camera is a bit tricky, but once it's on you can hand hold your camera or stick it on a tripod. Long lenses aren't a problem as the sleeve caters for 7" round and 18" long lenses. You can even make a little hole in the sleeve and keep using the tripod ring on your lens.

Judge for yourself in my video review Below.

Rainsleeves are available from loads of retailers all over the world. Here’s one from my friends at Crooked Imaging.


Unknown said...

Good vid Gavin. Had one of these in my camera bags for a few months now. Hate leaving it at home now. Kept it free from mud while photographing a rally championship as well.

worth £2.50 to protect two grands worth of camera? I think so. Would be nice to have a few sizes. It works perfectly when I'm using my 100-400 push pull but as you point out it gets a bit scrunched up on my 24-70. Looks a bit daft but I'd rather look daft than have a soggy camera :-)

Unknown said...

@ Dave

If you get 2 for £2.50 why not trim one for your shorter lens? Make a small hole for the viewfinder to poke out of and voila! scrunched bag look sorted.

Just a thought.

Unknown said...

I have got a queation about the picture. What kind of lens did you use?

Gavin Hoey Training said...

The photo of the camera with the blue background comes courtesy of Crooked Imaging but it would appear to be a Nikon lens of some sort.

Unknown said...

I didn't asked the right question. I meant to ask what kind of aperature etc I should use to make photo's like this. Is it e.g. a 55 mm 2.8 marco of should I be thinking of a very diffrent lens.
(sorry for my ppor writing, but I am dutch, so I have to practise my English).

Unknown said...

A Gavin:
and I meant the photo of the leaves.

Francis Quigley said...

nice video gavin keep up the good work

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